Hear firsthand from familes whose lives have been touched by The Adoption Support Center.


*Jones Family:

PARENT: "After I adopted these children, I felt as though I was on my own. I didn't have anybody I could go to when I was having a major problem with them... All I would have to do is call James and let him know that I need him, I need him for counseling and he's here. It is so rewarding to see the good that you've done, the things that you have instilled in them."

*Sims Family:

PARENT: "We felt like we could not work the situation out alone, and ASAP has come into our house. Our counselor is still working with us but I see the difference in her attitude now. And now I see hope that she'll have a home forever...It's a ton of work, it's lots of sleepless nights and it's worth it. When the 5 year old gets in bed with you and puts her arm around you and says "You're the best mommy in the world," it's worth it."

CHILD: "Thanks for being there for me and helping me feel at home when I first came and loving me even though I'm not your real child and helping these other kids... I'd pray every day that I'd have one normal and now I do. I really wanted a home like this!...Just having a family that will go to your ball games and have time for you and care about what your grades are, where you are, even though it gets annoying! :)"

*Jackson Family:

PARENT: "The hardest thing that I've a had to do as a mother is maybe observe them crying sometimes when I really didn't know why they were crying or be angry or mad or frustrated when I really didn't know at that moment why they were feeling that way. I can't sit here and lie to you and say that we haven't had some moments where I said, "Lord, did you really tell me to do this?" And He answers "Yes" all the time. Looking back in retrospect, yes, adoption is more than worth it. It has really blessed my life. Many people tell me that I am a blessing to my children but they don't realize what a blessing my children are to me."

CHILD: "It makes me feel special because I've got somebody to love me. God just leads her and talks to her when she prays and just tells her that she'll be good for adoption and that she can bring somebody into her home and love them and care for them..I want to say to the parents, "Just keep praying. I hope you have a wonderful time if you do adopt a child. And just treat that child with love and respect. And maybe they'll do the same for you.""

*Names have been changed to preserve confidentiality.